Live in a social exposure, character building and …

Live in a social exposure, character building and community development in one program


Visiting another homestay is one of the activities during live in spare moment. Sharing exciting, exhilarating, exhausting, fun, and sometime touching experience are some of the spirit that inspiring during this social orientation. Each village, each home, each family has its own dynamic and story. Amazing to witness, though only for short moment. It was fun, unforgetable, and a life changing experience

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Outdoor Equipment Rental

Outdoor Equipment Rental

Buying is expensive renting is the best!

Buying expensive gears for once a year camping activities with your family is no longer sustainable, cheap and effective attitude. Outdoor Equipments Rental is the solution, ID ADVENTURE is the solution. Outdoor Equipment Rental: Buying is expensive renting is cheap!

Membeli alat-alat mahal untuk memuaskan hobi outdoor Anda dan menggunakannya hanya saat liburan tidak lagi bijak, murah dan efektif. Menyewa di Outdoor Equipments Rental ID ADVENTURE  adalah solusinya! Kami siap mendukung anda.

Providing large variety and excellent quality camping equipment!
– Dome Tent
– Sleeping bag
– Matras tidur
– Handy Talky
– Kompor gas mini HiCook
– Mountain Bike

We provide real excellent service:
– Transport in and out
– Installation of all equipment
– Ready to handle big number of equipment

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Jawa – Bali – Lombok

Badak Air Youth Camp

Badak Air Youth Camp

Badak Air Youth Camp 1 (1) Badak Air Youth Camp 1 (2) Badak Air Youth Camp 1 (5)

An invitation to join Badak Air Youth Camp

Badak Air (batu, daun, kayu, air) Bamboo Youth Camp is about being in a fresh natural air and vast green canopy with a paddy field and river stretch in front of you. Bringing your family and students there is an amazing opportunity to let them learn from the water, rock, leaves, wood, and air. Badak Air is a center for young soul to learn about ecology, sustainability, and being part of the green world community team. Join the camp and be enlightened.

Purpose of the camp

– To develop the potential of students through participation in interesting and challenging communal outdoor activities.
– To improve the leadership skills, personal initiative and creativity of the students.
– To develop teamwork and team participation.
– To increase individual motivation in order to maximize the students’ educational performance in the classroom.
– To help build the student’s positive character and raise their self-confidence and sense of personal responsibility.
– To make the students more open to challenges and changes.
– To increase the student’s ability to interact positively to others and teachers.
– To foster the student’s individual competency through team building, decision making, and risk taking.
– To appreciate people from other cultures and parts of society.
– To think about future personal plans & dreams.

Method of the camp

70% Experiential Learning. In the form of games, simulations, role play, indoor and outdoor activity to further deepen the concept they gained in the classroom (the participants to learn from their own experience).
5% Lecture. In a form of explanations or theories about the basic concepts of training materials.
5% Case Study. Contain the problem to be solved by working with others.
10% Group discussion. Done in a group, with the goal of how each individual to respect the agreement.
10% Sharing. Train individuals to express feelings and opinions.

Run down activities

Time, Activities & Frame Objective

Day 1

07:00     Dispatch from the school to Badak Air Youth Camp

10:00     ARRIVED AT THE BADAK AIR YOUTH CAMP (Adaptability)

Sort rooms, prepare for activities (put the back pack, toilet business, clean shoes with disinfectant, etc

12:00     Lunch (Relationship Building)


To create a psychological safe & fun climate during course and make a good interaction among participants and participants to instructor. (Optional games: Find Your Shoes, Animal Name, Wrap Speed, Beam Data Processing, Folding Map)

13:30     TRUST ACTIVITIES (Self Confidence, Respecting Others, relationship Building)

To discover the essential of understanding oneself & harness person qualities, to develop trust among team and upon oneself. Optional games: Pass to Person, Trust Dive, Trust Fall, Blind Lead, Webbing Trust


To develop team capacities, by demonstrating respect each other, share ideas, participate and contribute to team’s work. (Optional games: Tarzan Swing, The Amazon, Electric fence, Flying carpet, Pole & Tire, TT Log, Spider Web, etc)

16:00     Catch Fish Competition (Self Confidence, Competition Spirit, Information Seeking)

17:00     Enter Tent (Badak Air)

17:30     Afternoon Routine (clean up and dinner)

19:30     Night Game: Blind Mapping (Nature Awareness)

Participant divided into small group of 3-4 people, have task to complete all legends description on Map of Camp Badak Air. They have to explore all area of Camp Badak Air to find out names of sites. All participants will need to bring provide torchlight.

20:30     Night Talk by the bonfire (Being honest and open)

21:00     Go inside tent, and sweet dream.

Day 2

06:00     Morning Exercise sport

06:30     Morning routine (Breakfast)

07:30     HIKING (Self Confidence, Information Seeking, Respecting Others)

A land trekking Passing Rice Field area nature and village (paddy plant, kampong, bush, forest) by following the clue which found along the trip and at the map.

09:00     COLOR MASS (Implementation, Weak & strength)

Amazing activities to instill abstraction and imagination and also ability for children to speak their mind abou dream, past experience of even can become a theraphy.

09:30     BIO-DIVERSITY COMPETITION (Responsibility, Teamwork, Respecting others)

All participants will be sorted into small group (3-4 people). Group has task to find out the name of tree/plant/animals (bird, insects, etc) by exploring all Camp Badak Air areas. Map will be provided for each group.

10:00     FINAL PROJECT: Unity and Synergy.

12:00     Lunch

13:00     Toilet Issues – Head Back to Jakarta

What To bring for Badak Air Youth Camp

This is recommendation of ‘what to bring list’ for this camp (two days camp) for announcement to participants:
1. Toiletries (Towel, soap, shampoo, tooth pasta, etc)
2. Personal medicine
3. T-shirt & Underwear (3 pair is enough)
4. Personal Praying equipment (sarong)
5. Outdoor Pants 1, (quick dry better)
6. Sock (and spare)
7. Sport Shoe/ trekking shoe (Vibram sole if you have any)
8. Outdoor sandal (mountain sandal is the best choice for water activities)
9. Flip Flop for taking Wudhu or taking bath.
10. Jacket, sweater, wind breaker for cold weather
11. Insect repellent
12. Sun Block Cream
13. Water Bottle with your name labeled (to keep you hydrated)
14. Prepare electronic devices with plastic and label your name for each.
15. Small note book, a pen
16. Small Flash light
17. Disposable raincoat

Please pack yourself and put everything only in one backpack.


“National High Jakarta School amazing student leadership camp was done in Badak Air Bamboo Camp. More than 50 students enjoyed lots of amazing activities during the camp. They enjoyed experiential learning activities and amazing ecology literacy program there. I would recommend  to my colleagues “
“Catching fish bare hand and being in the river is the most exciting activities of all. It is by far the most exciting because I am not only experiencing for the first time but also because it is impossible to happened back in Jakarta. Here the river is so clear and we could see the bottom of it while in Jakarta you would think twice or more to jump in because the river is so dirty.”
“The deepest experience is when I had the color mass activities. And I was so touched by the stories and I cried hearing all my friend past sad story. I am thankful to have born in a fine and happy supporting family.”
“I learn and play so much, it is so much fun. The foods are great and all the facilitator are cool. I learn so much about bamboo and sustainability. I learn about my positive and my delta and I know more about my quality as a person. I hope I can be a more reliable person and expert in what I do good.” 
“The first time to sleep in a bamboo hut by the river and enjoy the sounds of nature. I know now that always wants to be a leader and always stands up for what is right are some of thing that I am really should proud of myself. The program tells me how to be the a light house in the world and being heard in the middle of the
Badak Air Bamboo Camp contact: Patrick +6281288220888

Do it, take a risk, discover, create, and be something. Feel it, feel what a life this is!


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Youth Film & Journalism Training Camps

Youth Film & Journalism Training Camps

Technology of film making and modern journalism has develop in to an age of limitless possibilities. In this training camps students would not only learn the techniques or hard skill but also developing the soft skill of the subject. Participants would learn the dream, the ideal of every journalist throughout history, the philosophy behind every masterpiece of work they produce, and develop the art of communication that enrich of all media.

a. Journalism Training Camps

What do the students do?

This youth training camp curriculum is based on hands-on, student-centered, experiential learning. Students will learn the finer points of modern journalism as they work with their peers to create news stories in three different formats: audio, video, and text and photos for the web.

On Monday and Tuesday of the first week, students will complete small multimedia projects as they learn to use the necessary equipment and hone their interviewing and storytelling skills. The media for these projects will be shot and recorded in the area surrounding the ID ADVENTURE studios. Students will work in small teams and will always be accompanied by ID ADVENTURE staff members when news gathering.

On Wednesday, students will be split into groups, and each group will be assigned a “beat,” representing one of the neighborhoods surrounding ID ADVENTURE training area: Old City, Chinatown, Amusement park, Museum. Accompanied by ID ADVENTURE staff, these groups will scour their assigned neighborhoods for story ideas. When they’ve identified stories, they’ll pitch them to the news department, who will vet the ideas and steer the students in a manageable direction.

Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, and Friday will see the students following their best leads, gathering information, and telling stories through video, audio, text, and stills.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the second week, students will cover a second news story through a medium of their choice. The final two days of the program will be spent wrapping the completed news stories into a produced newscast.

Most days will also contain an after-lunch discussion, led by a member of the news department on a topic reflecting their expertise.

Who teaches/runs this camp?

This program is presented by professionals from the Media, active and retire, ID ADVENTURE’s Learning Lab staffs and ID ADVENTURE’s journalism training department. All staff have several years experience working with youth and media. Since 2002, we have been running after-school documentary workshops, summer camps, and teacher training in an effort to teach the teens of the Jakarta to express themselves through digital media. The Commons team will run the day-to-day operations of the program. The team is ready for you.

ID ADVENTURE’s team would consist of award-winning reporters, producers, and news directors have been partners in the creation of the program’s curriculum. Over the course of the week, they will lead discussion, provide guidance on student stories, and ensure the overall journalistic integrity of student work.

Where is the camp held?

The program is located at the near Jakarta natural studio, and the surrounding neighborhood. Driving directions would be sent Upon registration.

How do I pick-up and drop-off my child?

Parents can pick up and drop off students straight on the location. For group participants pick up and delivery would be available at designated place agreed before the program.

b. About the Film Academy Training Camp

What do the students do?

They make movies. Through hands-on experience they learn to script, storyboard, location scout, cast, light scenes, record sound, shoot video, and edit in Final Cut Pro. They even act.

The first week is dedicated to smaller projects that teach the basics of continuity editing, multi-camera shoots, shot composition, story-boarding, and Final Cut. By the end of the first week, the students are ready to plan, produce, and star in their own short film.

Over the next two weeks, they are in production and post-production, shooting scenes around the neighborhood and editing back at ID ADVENTURE. It’s no easy task, going from script to screen in two weeks, but ID ADVENTURE’s Public Media Commons specializes in fostering team work and breaking down complicated tasks into digestible chunks. We’re always impressed at the talent of our students and the quality of their finished products.

Who teaches/runs this camp?

This one month holiday program is presented by professional Media, active and retire as ID ADVENTURE’s Learning team with almost 20 years experience among them working with teens and media. Since 2002, has been running after-school documentary workshops, summer camps, and teacher training in an effort to teach the teens of the Jakarta to express themselves through digital media.

Where is the camp held?

The program is located at the near Jakarta, a natural studio, and the surrounding neighborhood. Driving directions would be sent Upon registration.

How do I pick-up and drop-off my child?

Parents can pick up and drop off students straight on the location. For group participants pick up and delivery would be available at designated place agreed before the program.

Partner for breakthrough
02132321231 | 081288220888

Wisma Bima Cottage 1 Km 10 Jalan Raya Kuta, Kuta, Bali 80361

Basic Leadership Training

Basic Leadership Training

Selamat kepada anda yg telah terpilih menduduki Jabatan penting dan berhak mengikuti Basic Leadership Training.

Hakikat kepemimpinan yang mesti dipahami baik oleh para pemimpin, sebagai berikut :

1. Tanggung Jawab, Bukan Keistimewaan.
Ketika seseorang diangkat atau ditunjuk untuk memimpin suatu lembaga atau institusi, maka ia sebenarnya mengemban tanggung jawab yang besar sebagai seorang pemimpin yang harus mampu mempertanggung jawabkannya.
Bukan hanya dihadapan manusia tapi juga dihadapan Allah. Oleh karena itu, jabatan dalam semua level atau tingkatan bukanlah suatu  keistimewaan sehingga seorang pemimpin atau pejabat tidak boleh merasa menjadi manusia yang istimewa sehingga ia merasa harus diistimewakan dan ia sangat marah bila orang lain tidak mengistimewakan dirinya.

2. Pengorbanan, Bukan Fasilitas
Menjadi pemimpin atau pejabat bukanlah untuk menikmati kemewahan atau kesenangan hidup dengan berbagai fasilitas duniawi yang menyenangkan, tapi justru ia harus mau berkorban dan menunjukkan pengorbanan, apalagi  ketika masyarakat yang dipimpinnya berada dalam kondisi sulit dan sangat sulit.

3. Kerja Keras, Bukan Santai.
Para pemimpin mendapat tanggung jawab yang besar untuk menghadapi dan mengatasi berbagai persoalan yang menghantui masyarakat yang dipimpinnya untuk selanjutnya mengarahkan kehidupan masyarakat untuk bisa menjalani kehidupan yang baik dan benar serta mencapai kemajuan dankesejahteraan. Untuk itu, para pemimpin dituntut bekerja keras dengan penuh kesungguhan dan optimisme.

4. Melayani, Bukan Sewenang-Wenang.
Pemimpin adalah pelayan bagi orang yang dipimpinnya, karena itu menjadi pemimpin atau pejabat berarti mendapatkan kewenangan yang besar untuk bisa melayani masyarakat dengan pelayanan yang lebih baik dari pemimpin sebelumnya.

Oleh karena itu, setiap pemimpin di negara ini harus memiliki visi dan misi pelayanan terhadap orang-orang yang dipimpinnya guna meningkatkan kesejahteraan  hidup, ini berarti tidak ada keinginan sedikitpun untuk membohongi rakyatnya apalagi menjual rakyat, berbicara atas nama rakyat atau  kepentingan rakyat padahal sebenarnya untuk kepentingan diri, keluarga  atau golongannya.

5. Keteladanan dan Kepeloporan, Bukan Pengekor.
Dalam segala bentuk kebaikan, seorang pemimpin seharusnya menjadi teladan dan pelopor, berdiri di depan dan kita ikuti, bukan malah menjadi pengekor yang tidak memiliki sikap terhadap nilai-nilai kebenaran dan kebaikan. Ketika seorang pemimpin menyerukan kejujuran kepada rakyat yang dipimpinnya, maka ia telah menunjukkan kejujuran itu. Ketika ia menyerukan hidup sederhana dalam soal materi, maka ia tunjukkan kesederhanaan bukan malah kemewahan.

Tanggungjawab, pengorbanan, kerja keras, melayani, serta keteladanan dan kepeloporan yang merupakan amanah bagi seorang pemimpin.

Tugas Pre Program:
Mohon disampaikan ke anak-anak calon peserta, (lebih baik dicopy dan bagikan, share link atau diumumkan). “Pelajari satu tokoh pemimpin yang mendunia sebelum pelatihan A to Z. Buat rangkuman, siapkan presentasi tentang tokoh itu.

Dalam rangka mengembangkan keterampilan personal dalam memimpin dan mengoptimalkan kemampuan bekerjasama sebagai satu tim, Program LDK ini dirancang dan diperuntukkan bagi Pengurus OSIS. Program ini menjadi langkah awal dengan penyatuan visi dan misi OSIS, penyusunan program kerja, dan pelatihan berorganisasi, sebagai bekal pelaksanaan tugas dan tanggungjawab kepengurusan OSIS.

Sasaran program:
1. Membangun dan meningkatkan sikap serta cara berpikir positif.
2. Membangun dan meningkatkan keberanian serta rasa percaya diri.
3. Membangun dan meningkatkan keterampilan berbicara.
4. Membangun dan meningkatkan kemampuan relasi antar manusia.
5. Membangun dan meningkatkan keterampilan berorganisasi.
6. Menggali potensi-potensi kepemimpinan.
7. Membangun dan memupuk terus antusias diri.

Program ini mengajak peserta secara khusus terlibat secara aktif dalam seluruh kegiatan belajar bersama.

Karakteristik Program :
– Pendekatan Experiential Learning
– Proses Pendidikan Andragogi
– Team GOAL Oriented

Pada akhirnya, rangkaian program ini memiliki variasi metode :
– Leadership program praktis
– Dinamika Kelompok Outdoor
– Permainan-Internalisasi Kelompok)
– Sessi Indoor (Diskusi–Study Kasus–Input)

Yang perlu dipersiapkan:
-Peralatan tulis (journal pribadi, pulpen)
-Pakaian olah raga
-Pakaian ganti secukupnya
-Sepatu olah raga & kaos kaki
-Obat-obatan pribadi
-Alas Kaki (sandal)
-Dan semua barang cukup untuk dimasukkan ke dalam 1 buah tas punggung.

Bersatu adalah permulaan…
Tetap bersatu adalah kemajuan…
Bekerja bersama-sama dalam mewujudkan impian adalah kesuksesan…

Semoga Program LDK ini menjadi tempat kita bersatu, berbagi, dan bersinergi… hingga akhirnya berjuang bersama dalam mewujudkan OSIS yang lebih dan lebih baik lagi… Selamat Memimpin!

Selebihnya materi akan berikan dengan handout dan presentasi.

Inti kepemimpinan adalah ANDA MEMPUNYAI VISI.

Kepemimpinan selalu menuntut keberanian. Keberanian berasal dari kata ‘coeur’ yang berarti hati. Seorang pemimpin harus mempunyai hati untuk mengkomunikasikan visinya, seberapa menggelikanpun itu kedengarannya bagi yang lain, mengambil resiko kalah menghadapi pertentangan, mempertaruhkan diri serta reputasinya, dan menjangkau sesamanya untuk mengajak mereka dalam perjalanannya.

Akhirnya, keberanian seorang pemimpin bukanlah bagi dirinya sendiri, melainkan bagi semua orang yang mengandalkannya untuk memimpin.
– John C. Maxwell –

Jawa – Bali – Lombok
Patrick +6281288220888